Bespoke imaginary


You are project managers, directors or designers of events …

We offer all our skills and resources, be they artistic or technical, for the realization of personalized service.

For our team of passionate, the show is no longer an end in itself but a powerful tool in the service of an intention of a place or a brand.

  • If necessary, we control the levels of production of our proposals:
    Screenwriting in relation to the client or the specification of the event.
    The realization of simulation images.
    The concepts of timing and repetitions
    Music composition
    The writing light, stage effects and pyrotechnics
    Graphic design decor, monumental pictures
    The creation of the tender security and risk study
    Administrative support (rights, licenses, insurance, transportation)
    The installation and implementation

Our artists

Around a solid artistic base now created 5 years ago, the group understand about 20 artists from some of the best schools of contemporary  circus,

Our designers and technicians

Costume designer, graphic designers

Graphic studio / sound / video 3 posts
Assembly plant structures and decorations hanging 10 m to 40m
All metal welding, carpentry, automation, electricity.

Equipment and training for working at heights and show hangers, operator for stage motor flight

our fireworks

C4 qualified Level II team
Truck drivers (and pyrotechnics material transportation ADR)

computer writing sync all governed and HF shooting

Specific insurance

We have the capacity to implement all necessary skills for your dreams.

It may also be a joint response with our partners / craftsmen of entertainment or event, groups of artists or friends companies