Through the Looking Glass


What she Found There ?

Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see ?
I see myself holding an orange.
In which hand did you get this orange?
In the right hands.
Now, will place you in front of the mirror and tell me in which hand holds the little girl you see?
The left hand.
How do you explain that?
And little Alice responding after some hesitation:
If I were on the other side of the mirror, do the orange would not always be in my right hand?

Work on progress
I see me by his eyes, in his eyes. (…)
In his dilated pupils, I enlarged.
In his flaming eyes, I flickers.
When I pattern myself, I admire myself.
In his eyes, Narcissus drowns.


This show is a great appointment air for all age groups, he staged a subtle structure and optical.

  • By day, it reflects spherically artists and audience, the scene of several air tables between 3 and soil 30m. This is a report of history has our image, that reflected the mirror and screen. Spectacular and intriguing like a giant acrobatic anamorphic.
  • By Night (in development), the sphere is then used as a giant screen on which a video projection 360 interacts with the artists through sensors. An exclusive graphical programming, a monumental multimedia show.

We attach excessive debt to our senses? As Narcisse will succumb us our reflection or as Alice on the other side of the Mirror living in the open nonsense?

  • A large fixed form,
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Aerial circus, silks, straps, circular swinging dance, trapeze / bungee, acrobatics cradle.
  • Including atmospheric effects and lighting
  • Exploitable day or night
  • Big Kabuki Final
  • Artistic and technical dossier on requestcontactDetail of programming on our  facebook