An idea in the air
“An idea in the air” is a series of installations under glass globe in the manner of a cabinet of curiosities: a series of projects of the company, projects abandoned, forgotten, unworkable or set aside. Throws initially as rough, wrinkled and preserved all wear and dust, they levitate and spin slowly in their window indefinitely.

Installation is customizable, so these “magic” windows can accommodate any object highlight as jewelry, watches, small products or reveal evenementiel

Installation- 1 20 Glass Globes 25x35cm – wood base and black velvet (2013 ©)

“Under the skirts of girls”
Light installation “eoliotrop” (only Windmill)

latex – Silk M1

dimension 150 x 370cm – 220v – Helium 3m3 – 5 rooms

Creation: Amélie The Clainche – Frédéric Delaunay (2011 ©)

The small Planetarium
A bright solar system to scale to a park. The initial project was conceived on the idea of the work of Robert Tatin for the museum of the same name.

Broken balloons led 1 to 3m 3M-mat floor and projectors aquatic ripple effects – Flames – sky plot (2012 ©) Museum Robert Tatin