Shows in progress

“L’allégorie de la grenouille”

style: acrobatic and theatrical parade with machinery

2 teams of astronauts and technicians drift, explore our own existence. Does Humanity need to be back on its own viewer? This show speaks with humor our excesses, and our concerns down to earth” on a background of space exploration through machinery breaking the laws of gravity

Expected availability: End of April 2015

Working title : “the big K” or “Utopia”

style: Big Air Fixed form – Contemporary Circus – articulated aerial structure, optical deformation

The sky in a huge multi-mirror, a giant kaleidoscopic structure of light body and dance. It will be usable both day and night.

This show gives a concrete illustration, symbolic of how we can create something new by simply rearranging what already existed. It gives a figure reconciling the apparently opposite terms of permanence and change, identity and difference.

Expected availability: September 2015

Title : “infinitly small”

style: contemporary circus – theatre hall and exterior – Original acrobatic structure

Practical: Air orbital frame, straps, pendulous juggling, balance, rope

The determination of the artist in his wheel; a circular causality systems.

Sink or swim, she turns the wheel because it was decided that she had to turn it symbolizes the time at which things change for good or evil. Sink or swim or do in originality, jog, run, swim or crawl, at least the heat of the herd that loneliness of the wise, at least pretend or remains on the side, but do it silently not to disturb the Following other distance runners. So you swallow your pain, your hopes and anger, you strip your ridiculous muscles as the permanence of the fight thee sculpt and you go to the next mirage. Can be same as closing your eyes, all this will cease to exist. (collective staging, creation F. Delaunay, A. Maillard text)

Expected availability: end of 2015