An “astronomical” story

This show is a great public rendez-vous, it staged on an articulated structure, perched between 15 and 30m from the ground, the scene of several acrobatic paintings. This is a humanistic story whose main inspiration is the awareness of the position of the earth, planet revolving around the sun and not the other way has the image of this scientific reality of the 17th century, however wrong.

This is the story of an aerial peoples bringing his knowledge by piece of rope …

The sphere “armillary” outweigh the bodies (checks and balances, clocks or ellipse) creating a mechanical or artists are initially, the stars ….

Men are fishing, women gather, couples are created and lost without breaking the order of things. “And yet it turn …”

A large fixed form.
Duration: 50 minutes.
Aerial circus, rope, strap, Chinese swinging pole, swinging trapeze in large, aerial dance.
Including monumental projections nebulae and constellations as depicted in XVII on buildings.

  • Optional fireworks
  • Artistic and technical file on request – contact
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